ACE of international trade & business

About Us

The Association of China Exporter ( ACE for short) should be considered as your first port of call for any export project or enterprise.

ACE was founded by Davis Chu ( President of FriendyGroup)
ACE is well connected for reliable and honest sourcing of a wide variety of resources.
David and his team have regular contact with a variety of industries that use his abilities through the programs that he runs to further their own efforts in foreign trade.
He has strong representation and close connection with the steel industry, and ceramics. He also is cognisant with raw material industries such as cement and minerals. In the past, he spent a number of years in the electronics industry and as such his knowledge and connections are well respected.
His goal is to be the bridge between the Western interests and Chinese interests.
ACE challenges your abilities to source better quality and price .
Honesty , integrity and profitable outcomes for his clients are the hallmarks of allowing ACE to assist your business development in China.